Kamiesha Garbadawala creates pulsating compositions of abstract celestial landscapes, filled with depth, nuance and gravity. After a series of significant life events, she uses painting to channel emotion into strength and power, which in turn brings her deeper into self-examination.

Her paintings are asymmetric compositions filled edge to edge with wide planes of metallic gradient color, densely layered in oil and acrylic paints, in combination with sharp, gestural marks. The art reflects geological maps of the cosmos, as it exhibits a unified sense of light coupled with a visceral brush velocity. With her surface-driven work, Kamiesha’s interest lies in the transformation of tension, and physical manifestation of the intangible. There is a delicate balance between accretion and excavation as she carves into the highly textured painted canvas, revealing detail, while releasing chaotic energy upswept in harmonious resign.

The viewer becomes enveloped in the atmosphere of the work and feels impacted – either brought to a place that is normally in the shadows or transported to a divine realm. Kamiesha’s work is electric and spiritual, uninhibited and spontaneous, yet thoughtful and intentional, and personally reminiscent of childhood nights spent gazing at the stars. Having found this conduit for expression, and sanctuary in a world that is formed and controlled by her own hand, Kamiesha is ever broadening her practice to include other mediums and continues to allow her impassioned landscapes to further evolve.


Kamiesha Garbadawala was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica in 1977 and currently resides in New York City with her studio practice based in Long Island City.  She received a BBA in Fashion Design Marketing from Parsons School of Design in 1999. A former accessories designer, Kamiesha launched a celebrated line of handbags (Alric Suba) with Barneys New York. Her creative passion has reemerged and flourishes in the form of gestural, abstract paintings which are self-reflective landscapes inspired by emotion and memory.

In 2017, Kamiesha’s work was exhibited at the National Academy Museum and SCOPE Miami Beach, as well as a solo show to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and she participated in SVA’s Summer Residency Program. In 2018, her second solo exhibition, Sugarcane, opened at Galleria Ca’ d’Oro in Chelsea and she participated in Columbia University School of the Arts’ Summer Painting Intensive Program. In October 2018, Kamiesha proudly participated in the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Annual Fall Fête, curated by Natasha Schlesinger.